22.1.0 Account Assistant helps create a new entry when registering for a new service

22.1.0 New password quality indicator

22.1.0 New Chrome, Firefox & Edge plugins

22.1.0 Design selection now with preview

22.1.0 New "Modern Medium" design

22.0.0 AutoFill in all browsers and your favorite apps with the new iOS & Android Password Manager apps

22.0.0 Simplified categorization of entries

22.0.0 Optimized user interface with grouping options

22.0.0 Improved search function

See more: optional increased data density in password lists

File attachments sync between PCs too

Password categories also in Mobile apps

Create and edit your passwords on your smartphone with Steganos Mobile Apps

Full synchronization between Mobile Apps and Steganos Password Manager 22 via OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or MagentaCLOUD

Full synchronization between several Steganos Password Manager 22

Directly access your Private Bookmarks through browser extensions

Highly secure encryption: the encryption algorithm safely stores all login data with AES 256-bit encryption

Two-factor authentication for your keychains (supports Authy, Google Authenticator and more)

An optional character randomizer protects against mouse click logging

Portable version included: use the portable USB version of Steganos Password Manager 22 on any PC

Print function for safekeeping password lists with a notary or in bank safe deposit box

Create and manage strong passwords

Convenient and secure. On PC & Smartphone

Do you leave your front door unlocked? Do you have the same key for your house, your car and your office? Would you trust a complete stranger with your keys? Of course not!
Passwords are the keys to your digital life and the variety and quality of your personal passwords is crucial for online security.
Trying to think up more and more passwords for your growing number of online accounts – and trying to remember them all – is virtually impossible.

IT Security made in Germany

Easily create and securely manage passwords

Steganos® Password Manager™ 22 provides a comfortable solution: it generates extremely strong passwords, automatically inserts them on websites and remembers them so you don’t have to. You only have to remember one password!
For over 20 years Steganos stands for reliable protection against data spies and hackers. Since the foundation of the company, the encryption in Steganos programs has been unbreakable. There are no backdoors, master passwords or duplicate keys.

The cloud you trust

Whether you want to back up your passwords in the cloud or access them from your smartphone: The cloud is convenient - and now it's safe.
The Steganos Password Manager 22 encrypts your passwords directly on your PC and only then transfers them to the cloud. So nobody but you has access.