Anyone who surfs the Internet, leaves a mark

Everything you do on the Internet, click and download, including your IP address can be associated and tracked. Data collectors earn money with your surfing behaviour and hackers steal your passwords. In addition, many websites and online services in many countries are only partially useable. The fact that the network changes and a shift has taken place, the users become aware. They are part of the World Wide Web. Content is created and shaped by them. The Internet is interactive. Anyone can communicate with anyone, whenever, anywhere. But that is where the new dangers arise. If you can find each and everything, then theoretically he, himself can be found by everyone else. A recent survey of shows that more than 50 percent of respondents classified public hotspots as a risk. What is left with you when surfing, is a stale aftertaste and a constant feeling of insecurity.

That is nothing new! And he who was has nothing to hide, has nothing to fear!

This carelessness is exactly what hackers take advantage of. If you think an antivirus program and a firewall is enough to protect you and your data from the World Wide Web, you are sadly mistaken. Cyber criminals have been able to easily target, and easily deal with the issue of security on a network. A recent project carried out by our experiment showed how many insecure wireless networks there still are. In the latest issue of “Computer Bild”, this experiment is the main theme.

Steganos Online Shield 365 featured on the cover of “Computer Bild”

No Risk – More Fun

Our answer to insecure wireless networks, blocked websites and hackers is to use the Steganos Online Shield 365 VPN software. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using a secure tunnel to surf on the specially secured Steganos high-speed server. To top that, your Internet connection is encrypted, and your data will remain invisible to the eyes of others. No one can track your downloads create a log of your surfing and earn money from your data.

A VPN has, in addition to the safety factor, two more advantages for you

Firstly, the VPN software allows you to bypass locks on the Internet, and access blocked content, to use services that you could not previously use from the IP address from your country. Editors of the Web Project OpenDataCity determined earlier this year that more than 60 percent of the 1,000 most popular music videos cannot be watched on YouTube using a German IP address. The reason for this is on-going dispute, since 2009, between Google’s Youtube with GEMA. Second place in the rankings for countries with the most blocked YouTube videos is South Sudan with approximately 15 percent blocked. When you surf through a VPN, you can choose to use IP addresses from different countries. To bypass YouTube’s Geosphere and use streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix. What else would be possible, only from America. On the other hand a VPN gives you a different perspective on the Internet and its content. Search engine queries from Germany often provide different results than ones provided using an IP from the United States. This allows you to perform more effective research and competitive analysis. Even more evident, is the advantage of being able to choose the IP address for free, through IP-based price segmentation. Hotels, car hire and for example, concert tickets booked from European countries can cost up to 40 percent more. With Steganos Online Shield 365 we will give you a very easy program to use, which combines all the advantages of VPN software. To make surfing more fun and offer a lot more options – at minimum risk.