Even on the internet there are national borders. Many clips on YouTube are unavailable in Germany. Even public broadcasters such as the European cultural channel Arte do not allow access to their content outside of certain countries with the reference: "This video is not available in your country".

Use a VPN
Bypass regionally blocked content with a VPN (virtual private network) and enjoy exclusive content in Germany, the US and other regions. The virtual private network transfers all network traffic in encrypted form. It is therefore also called a tunnel, which directs the data almost invisibly through the Internet to the point of departure of the VPN. This obscures your own geographic position.

Windows, Android, or iOS – with Steganos Online Shield VPN (https://www.steganos.com/en/steganos-online-shield-vpn) you surf safely und you can bypass domestic content blockages so you can stream videos while on the go. Select the destination country, then connect to it with a simple button and disconnect the connection just as easily.