Steganos puts seven digital tips for clever use of smartphones and other electronic devices in your suitcase

Summer, sun, holiday time: While the best and most relaxed time of the year begins for vacationers, the main season starts for cyber criminals: Besides Internet fraud and theft of mobile devices, WiFi espionage and data theft are also at the top of the dangerous to-do list.

To prevent things from going that far, we are putting seven tips for the correct use of smartphones, tablets and laptops in your suitcase.

Before your holiday

All sensitive data should be backed up to an external medium or cloud service prior to travel. Backups of all packed devices before your vacation are a definite must-do.Our Steganos Safe 19 supports data encryption in Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and MagentaCLOUD, but also offers portable safes for USB sticks, CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs. If the hardware is lost on vacation, at least the data is not lost and can be restored later. Thanks to the latest 384-bit AES-XEX encryption with AES-NI hardware acceleration, potential offenders cannot get access to your data.

No rash postings in social media: By announcing your vacation, you provide potential thieves with all the information they need to prepare. Facebook and Co. often serve as an index of potential targets for criminals. The same applies to postings directly from the vacation location. These should only be released to your closest friends or simply published later.

Update your software and security solutions. This prevents known vulnerabilities from being exploited. Users should generally not deactivate the automatic program and operating system updates in order to keep the devices always up to date.

During your holiday

Never leave your mobile device unattended. Just a few minutes are enough to pull login credentials and similar important information from your device.

Use free hotel WLAN and public hotspots, for example on the beach or in a café, only with trustworthy VPN software. With mySteganos Online Shield VPN you can establish a secure, protected and anonymous connection with your mobile device while surfing the Internet. Hackers have no chance to access your passwords, emails, photos, payment or bank data.

Have secure access to your PINs and passwords while on the move. With the free apps for iOS and Android of our Steganos Password Manager 19 in your luggage you can access them easily and securely including automatic login with the in-app browser.

After your holiday

Before connecting to your home network, scan all devices you carried with you for a detailed antivirus scan. Modern security solutions quickly detect possible malware.


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