A new version of Steganos Privacy Suite 15 for Windows is available immediately.

Contains all changes listed below from Stegnos Safe 15.1 and Steganos Password Manager 15.1
The update for existing users will be offered for automatic download within 24 hours. Installation is recommended.

Steganos Safe 15.1

    • A system crash (blue screen) when closing a Safe still shown in Explorer in Windows 8.1 was corected
    • The user interface of Steganos Safe acts as expected after returning from Standby/ Sleep mode in Windows 8.x
    • The „Hot Keys“ (keyboard shortcuts) now act as expected
    • A problem with the displaying of more than six Safes has been corrected
    • „Open Safe automatically at Windows login“ now also works when the name of the Safe contains blank spaces
    • The error message „Safe cannot be closed“ although it was closed will no longer be displayed
    • Problems with the opening of portable Safes on certain computers were corrected („USB Starter Error“, „SLE Data not valid“)
    • The occasionally occuring error message „The Safe engine driver ist not completely installed“ will no longer be displayed


Steganos Password Manager 15.1

    • When starting the program, Windows no longer asks whether you want to allow the program to make changes on the computer
    • When the password of a keyring is changed, the encrypted keyring in the Cloud will immediately be set to the new password
    • In conjunction with Steganos Mobile Privacy for iOS or Android, the incorrect message that a new version of the keyring is available in the Cloud will no longer appear
    • It is no longer necessary to end Chrome for installation
    • Corrections of the English localization

Notice: For technical reasons, it is not possible at the moment to use the Password Manager Plugin (regardless of version) for Internet Explorer. We are working on a solution and recommend in the meantime that you use another browser (for example Firefox or Chrome)