# RE: Update Changelog: 1.6.1 for Steganos Online Shield VPNSatisfied user 2016-10-03 10:48
I really like this service. VPN is limited to 500 MB traffic per month. But it serves me to secure all my Internet activity. It proposes impressive encryption and privacy protection results. I use Steganos on my Android device and stay satisfied. Its application blocks some ads and prevents social tracking. Steganos offers other antimalware programs, such as Password management But there is no free trial. Did anybody try using this service? What's your opinion?
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# No audit?Joao 2016-10-20 22:43
Free projects like TrueCrypt and Veracrypt have receive security audits by third partys, and these have been made public.
When will Steganos products, specially Steganos Safe 18 (and beyond) have such public audits by third party's? So that your paid users can know that you have your heart in the right place and not only think you are good enough but also request third party security audit company's to verify the code has been correctly done. This of course doesn't proof you don't any backdoor, just that you really try to make it secure.
Also make the source available would be nice has really no one can really trust the data to a company that doesn't make the source code available... specially when Germany is one of the country's collaborating with NSA.
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