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  • Steganos Partnered up with Telekom for its Security Offer “Made in Germany”
  • Steganos Online Shield VPN is Part of the Free Protection Package
  • Program Collection Unites Four German IT Providers

Bild_Gratis_SchutzpaketIn cooperation with Telekom the German Software Company Steganos contributes to the program package for protection of PCs, smartphones and tablets, which was presented at the IT event CeBIT 2015. The free-of-charge program collection contains the Steganos Online Shield VPN as well as software of three other German IT security providers (Avira, Strato, Secomba). By closing all main security gaps, it addresses consumers as well as small and medium-sized companies.

Steganos Online Shield VPN – Surfing safely and privately

Within the Telekom security package “Made in Germany” Steganos provides the important function of encrypting Internet connections. Users can browse safely and privately with Steganos Online Shield VPN. The program encrypts all Internet traffic using the highly-secure AES 256-bit procedure. The Steganos Servers, placed all over the world, protect personal data from attacks and surveillance in all kinds of public networks – whether WiFi, LAN or mobile network (3G, LTE/4G, EDGE, GPRS). With Steganos Online Shield its users can surf anonymously whenever they want to, as the program conceals online identities and safeguards personal data against unauthorized access. Furthermore, the solution also conceals the IP addresses of devices, so hackers can no longer identify them as potential victims.

“We are looking forward to the strategic cooperation with Telekom. It opens an additional channel for us to provide Internet users with a VPN tool, that enables them to surf freely and to circumvent regionally blocked content, but with the highest security standards available”, says Stephan Hechler, Managing Director of Steganos Software GmbH. “Not only revelations by Snowden, but also calls for prohibition of encryption on national and international level make many users feel insecure. Together with the Telekom and other IT providers, we offer them protection for their smartphones and PCs in one single package – made in Germany.”

Steganos Online Shield VPN being the current test winner of the comparison portal Netzsieger complements the Telekom security package. Within the comparative test of VPN services, the product achieved the best ranks in the categories: security, performance, usability and customer support.

The free offering is available to download with the market launch at A premium version of the offering with additional functions is planned.


• WebRTC reveals home IP-address and location
• Steganos Online Shield VPN stays fully operative
• WebRTC protection activated with one click only

It was revealed earlier that Mozilla Firefox as well as Google’s Browser Chrome let out users’ real IP-addresses despite activated VPNs. Developer Daniel Roesler names the implementation of WebRTC as reason for this security flaw. With Steganos Online Shield VPN the VPN tunnel stays protected against WebRTC: Internet users can still cover up their real IP-addresses and locations by using the VPN-tool developed by German Software company Steganos.

WebRTC: A threat to the local network and IP-address safety

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) enables real-time communications in certain browsers. Using a simple JavaScript, these browsers allow some services that offer features such as phone calls or video-chats to communicate directly with one another without any plug-in. Thereby, they make requests to STUN servers (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) which are sent over all available adapters in the computer and make it possible for websites to log users’ local and WAN-IPs. Usually VPNs send all traffic through VPN tunnels. As the ‘normal’ route over the standard gateway is not deleted, if the default setting in the OpenVPN configurations is set, it can be used to make these STUN requests and reveal the real IP-address.

Steganos Online Shield VPN stays in full working order

The VPN-tool of Steganos offers an easy solution to block WebRTC in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox: The real IP-address stays hidden, because the route over the standard gateway during the VPN connection gets deleted. WebRTC-protection can be activated with only one click directly in the software’s settings. As long as the protection in Steganos Online Shield VPN is active, there is no possibility to log the real IP-address via WebRTC.

A test of your own connection can show its vulnerability

Every Internet user can find out if their VPN connection is secure within seconds. Therefore, a visit of the following website is recommended:

SOSVPN_Screenshot_4_ENA new version of Steganos Online Shield VPN for Windows is available. The update will be offered to current users within 24 hours for automatic download. An installation is recommended. If you don’t want to wait: Download latest version (your trial period or premium license will not be affected)

  • Suppresses the transmission of the computer’s name even when browser anonymization is switched off.
  • Improved wording in the privacy policy (§5 and §9) to clarify that advertising partners do not have access to internet addresses accessed by identifiable users. (This change is for clarity only; Steganos does not save or share this information.)


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