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Using this data, your network provider and others can track your path through the Internet and monitor your activities. Protect your privacy with Steganos VPN Online Shield!

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How does a VPN work?

Without Steganos VPN Online Shield

Your data can be intercepted anytime, on a public Wi-Fi or on its way to a server.

With Steganos VPN Online Shield

Your privacy is protected, your connection is encrypted, no matter from where you access the Internet.

A VPN is a virtual private network in which your data is securely transferred. If you use VPN software, you will not connect directly to the Internet as usual.

First, you connect to the VPN provider in encrypted form, which in turn is forwarding you to the Internet. Your data will be anonymized:

Because your connection request is made via a server of the VPN provider (node), you will be assigned a new IP address. This protects your real IP address, which serves as a distinctive feature of your device - so your Internet request cannot be traced back. The virtual private network makes your computer invisible.

More information about  VPN Privacy.

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